Magicka’s PVP Trailer Is Ridiculous

Right on time is Arrowhead Game Studio’s free PVP update for Magicka. They already released one trailer at E3, but you know what? That’s not enough for these Swedes. I mean, come on, these are the same folks who decided to send their Norse mythology-based co-op game of mages and shenanigans into the Vietnam War!

The update will come with an overhauled interface with new menus, weapons and spells, a Reservoir Robe (complete with a M1911 handgun, black tie, and sunglasses) to complete the Tarantino homage, and three new gameplay modes. There will be Classic Deathmatch, Brawl where the last mage standing wins, and Krietor’s Tourney where new spells are added as the match continues.

Not only is Magicka completely ridiculous and over the top, but it’s also a really fun game (and totally Swedish). If you haven’t given Magicka a chance yet, I highly recommend you change your ways. In fact, there’s also some freshly released paid DLC with new maps, challenges, robes, and whatnot out there for bonus consumption, so along with this PVP update, there’s really no reason to avoid Magicka any longer.

And might I add that Mr. Purple does a might fine Steve Buscemi.

via Magicka the Game.

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