Pinch 2 HD Review (iOS)

Game Review:
Pinch 2 HD
Release: Early 2011
Developer: Coatsink Software
MSRP: Free – 20 Levels ($2.99 for additional 80 levels)
Rating: (Age): 4+
Version: 1.01
Size: 23.9 MB
Website: iTunes,

Pinch 2 HD is an iPad release that came out earlier this year, and it brings some new and interesting concepts to an iOS puzzle game. With a fairly huge amount of puzzle this is a game that will take you a while to complete.

As you progress through this game, you’ll find that the puzzles get more and more difficult, and by the end you will have to put your puzzle skills to the max to try and get past all the complicated and extravagant game elements that have been added. If you are wondering what the objective of the game is, you have to control “Norbs”, and you have to get this Norbs through the finish line, certain levels have certain goals of Norbs that you need to get through the finish line, but level after level you can expect some challenges in these done the first time. I found myself realising half way through a level that I was pretty much cornered and had to restart. But because the levels are so compact and re-playable I just loaded it right up and had another go.

Some of the later game elements include controlling multiple Norbs and trying to activate numbered use gates while flipping switches. My tip for you is to spend 10 seconds when you start a level figuring it out, and then retry the level and attempt to get a fast time on the level, and if you are feeling smart try and grab the additional challenges on each level.  The main gameplay feature is that the Norbs can merge together, so three little Norbs can merge to make a giant three sized Norb which might be needed to get over a hole only big enough for a three sized Norb. Breaking the Norbs apart is when the “Pinch” comes into play as if you have to pinch apart the Norbs to get them to split back into singular Norbs. If you are wanting all the collectables (best time, all Norbs rescued, find every Star or minimum number of Pinches) then your going to have to put some time in, as this game comes packed with 20 free levels and then 100 after the full game upgrade.

The game features plenty of settings for colour and design, including changing the level from wood design to the original metal. Also you have the option to enable colourblind mode (this was a saviour for me) as certain levels have colour based puzzles.

In conclusion, Pinch 2 HD is what a puzzle game on iPad should be. It’s got a simple concept but the addition of new gameplay elements as you progress make this a game that you might want to play.  If you have 10 minutes spare and fancy a quick game, Pinch 2 HD is the place to go.

Try the first 20 levels, and decide yourself if you want the full game upgrade.

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