Team Fortress 2: Meet The Medic

Another hilarious short involving your favorite characters from Valve’s class-based multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2, has just become available. There have already been a few of these well scripted and funny shorts, giving you insight into the varying classes of Team Fortress 2, such as the Soldier, Sniper, Scout and Spy, among others. Now with the release of the Über Update, we have access to the latest short involving none other then the much loved Medic class.
Oh, and if you haven’t yet seen our other TF2 post for the day, take a moment to check it out. Hint: Free.
If you have not yet tried TF2, all I can say is you’re missing out, and need to give it a shot.
-Note: the following material, while done in a humorous light, can be considered graphic. Viewers take note.
Enjoy the show!

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