Master Chief Make Over Explained In Halo 4

Some of you may have noticed while watching the Halo 4 trailer that there’s something a little different about Master Chief. So, is there a reason behind the changes, or is this just a way for 343 Industries to put their mark on the Halo Franchise, with their first game since Bungie handed over the reins?

In an interview at E3, 343 Industries Frank O’Connor said, “There’s some story behind his new look.” He went on to explain: “There are specific reasons why he looks the way he does and why some of his behaviours have changed. We’ll see in good time.” It was also hinted that Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary will give some insight into what’s in store in Halo 4.

Have a look below at the changes and let us know what you think.

Master Chief in Halo 3

Master Chief in Halo 4

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  • Dylan_san16teen

    I don’t really notice anything except better detail and graphics.

  • Random

    I thought the old Chief looked better. Grittier, more military. But this new one looks more detailed, so I guess it depends on opinion. I hope you can customize your armor in multiplayer to look like the old Chief(or Noble Six).

  • Leo

    +1 for old one… not like opinions are gonna change nothing though…