NBC News Moves To Xbox Video Marketplace Channel

As some of us are aware, NBC news has always been available on our Xbox Dashboard, but was buried in the Inside Xbox Channel, and really not that noticeable. Well that has all changed, as Major Nelson has announced that NBC News will now be showcased in the Video Marketplace of our dashboard. Now this really isn’t a big deal (the move) to myself, but I am kind of tired of paying for Xbox Live for a year, only to be hit with advertisements and channels that I really could care less for.

Now don’t get me wrong here folks, I don’t mind paying for all the “gaming” features Xbox Live provides, but I am getting kind of tired of seeing Jack Links advertisements and Windows Phone ads on my dashboard, and, not for nothing, I know some of us may be getting our news from NBC News on the dashoboard, but I don’t. So this brings me to my next point: Why can’t I get a dashboard without all the ads and none of the extra channels, and for those that don’t mind the ads and such, why can’t they pay a reduced rate for their Xbox Live Gold Membership?

The easy answer for myself here is to avoid those ads and channels, but why should I have to? Don’t I pay enough each year to use this service?  Why should I have to avoid certain sections of my dashboard?

So Major Nelson, the next Deal of the Week you announce should be for those of use that don’t want all the ads and channels on our dashboard. And for those of us that don’t mind the ads and such, give them a reduced rate for their Xbox Live Gold Membership. This isn’t going to cost Microsoft any money because I know an ad on the Xbox Dashboard costs a little more than our $50 (yes, I buy my Xbox Live Gold Membership cards when they are on sale) a year.

Source: Major Nelson

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  • E

    your not forced to click on the ads… u know that rigth

    • Hey E,

      I do know that but it shouldn’t clutter my dashboard either when we are paying for a service not ads.  Great point though

    • Steve519

      I am forced to see them though. There are entirely too many ads on the dashboard for a paid service. Paid users should have less ads or more features that are actually worth the price. If I didn’t get the deal I aquired, I would have a free account because I don’t see the value of Xbox Live when c

      • Steve519

        Compared to the other services out there (steam, ps3, etc)