Dirt 3 Forum Members Uncover Additional DLC Details

Members of the official Codemasters DiRT 3 forums have found new details on the upcoming DLC for DiRT 3. Forum members  “rydikulos” and “Benny33” discovered that some of the files for upcoming car and track packs have already been included with the game and revealed them on the forum. These discoveries have all but confirmed the rumors that we would be getting these content packs.

They found that two track packs will be coming – a Monte Carlo Pack,which has been previously announced by Official Xbox Magazine, and a Shibuya Pack which looks very similar to the Japanese stages from DiRT 2. While we have known about the Monte Carlo pack for a while we didnt know that it would contain 8 stages and 3 different weather environments. The Shibuya pack also contains 8 tracks, but four of them are repeated with slightly changed checkpoints which may mean they are reversed versions. The track packs will also add 11 new events to play though.

Pictures of the next car DLC pack, titled the “Mud and Guts Car Pack”, have also been found. This pack includes the Saturn Sky (looks to be a Trailblazer car), Ford Mustang GT (Trailblazer), Lancia Stratos (70s Rally), Peugeot 205 (Group B), and a Citroen C4 (Rallycross). You can see the pictures here.

Its possible that the modes Gate Crasher, Domination, and Last Man Standing may also make a return in upcoming DLC.  Logo assets for the three modes were found in the games files suggesting they may be added in the future, but its also possible they were accidentally left in the games files.

You can read PlatformNation’s DiRT3 review here.

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Pictures of the new track layouts:

From Forum Member "Rydikulos"

From Forum Member "Benny33"

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