League Of Legends: Season One Is OVER!

Past, present, and future LoL fans: Season One has come to an end, and the $50,000 grand prize has been awarded. Team FnaticMSI won the final game of the upper bracket final in a truly amazing match.

You may watch the first and final matches of the upper bracket, as well as the others, here:

I was impressed by all the games, but the last two games between aAa and FN were awesome. There is one guy on FN, Shushei, who played some nasty Alistar earlier in the tournament. If you listen to the commentary in the final match, they talk about how Shushei was ripping people apart all throughout the tournament and aAa focused their bans on his best champions.

Deviant art of Alistar. Can you imagine why he was banned?

Other than the obvious entertainment value, not-so-skilled players may learn a lot here. The pros’ item builds are completely different than what you typically see in a solo queue game. The biggest, and perhaps most significant difference, is the prevalence of wards. You see both teams constantly warding the bush and other blind spots, for two reasons: protect themselves from enemy ganks and set up their own.

I would encourage anyone remotely interested in PvP to check out League of Legends. Do yourself a favor before you jump straight in: educate yourself. I’ll be honest with you: this is a team-based game and some people will let you know if you make a mess of things. Play the tutorial, read the forums, and search for item builds for a champion if you want to play as him.

Again, congrats to FnaticMSI for grabbing the first ever League of Legends season championship!

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