A Look Ahead To The Summer Of Arcade

This year’s Summer of Arcade is finally giving up the goods. With less than a month to go, Microsoft has announced the prices and release dates of this year’s titles.

Starting the festivities will be Supergiant Games’ Bastion on July 20th, followed by Ubisoft’s From Dust on July 27th, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet on August 3rd, Fruit Ninja (for Kinect) on August 10th, and Toy Soldiers: Cold War on August 17th.

All of the titles will be 1200 MS Points ($15) with the exception of Fruit Ninja which will go for only 800 MS Points ($10). As a bonus, anyone who purchases all five titles will receive free access to Crimson Alliance, which is scheduled for release on September 7th for an additional 1200 MS points.

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