Requiem For A Star Wars Galaxies Dream

In case you haven’t already heard the news, the year 2012 will mark the end of Star Wars Galaxies, as SOE finally puts the poor, mistreated MMO out of its misery. The few veterans that remain will surely be sad to see it go, and even I will admit that this news made me feel strangely sad, even though I haven’t actually played the game for many years now. It’s not so much that I will miss Galaxies, or believe that it should press on toward the next expansion, but part of me will always remember the glory days before the dreaded Combat Upgrade of 2005. In fact, Galaxies was the very first MMO that I ever played (having never been fortunate enough to take part in the original Ever Quest) and there will always be a special place for it in my heart. Mortis, are you out there somewhere buddy?

Often times, the only thing worse than watching a game fail from the get-go, is to see a game that was once great turn into a disappointment. Even if you were a fan of the changes made with the Combat Upgrade patch or others like it, you have to admit that it wasn’t the best idea to completely change the game, when many fans were content with the way it was (except perhaps for some balance issues in the PvP system). It was SOE’s betrayal with Galaxies that made me timid to ever trust them again, and considering how practically every single one of their games is now in the slumps, it would appear that I was wise to be apprehensive. Everything that SOE has put out over the years, from The Matrix Online to DC Universe online, has been a major disappointment; and sadly, I have tried them all. Ever Quest will always be looked upon as a wondrous achievement in virtual innovation, but I fear Star Wars Galaxies will not be remembered in the same light.

Ah, the memories...


I doubt it’s a coincidence that Galaxies is closing down just as the highly anticipated ‘Star Wars The Old Republic’ prepares to make it’s debut in the late half of this year, but it’s strange to think back to a time when Galaxies was receiving a similar amount of hype just before its release. In the long run, Sony failed to create the ultimate Star Wars experience for online gamers in spite of it’s efforts. Will Bioware be doomed to the same fate? Let us hope not!

So while yes, part of me is sad to see Star Wars Galaxies thrown into the trash compactor, I also say bring on the new. Will you be sad to see Galaxies go, or do you think it should have happened earlier? If you played it in the past, what thoughts arise as you consider its end?

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  • Joe

    SWG died back when they rolled out the NGE and totally changed it from a game that was awesome, to a game that tried to cater to all the jedi-kiddie-fanboys..  Skill based to class/level based..  That was the day SWG died..  All this time SOEs just been trying to deny firing the bullet that did it.

  • Loch

    I Loved SWG… Before the Dark Times… Before the  Combat Upgrade…

  • Doorgunner74

    i also played SWG from release to the assy update, me and a team of 4 close friends grinded out the holocrons nescesary to make on friend a jedi. he made it thru all the professions till he unlocked it after 3 months and as soon as he made it the jump to lightspeed came… what a waste. we loved that game and enjoyed its faults sometimes even profiting from them. why did sony not just admit its failure and revert back? ill never know and will curse SOE for FORCING, yes FORCING me to go to the world of azeroth. I plan to try the bioware version and if it is good will sell my warcraft account and happily transition as i love star wars. but please bioware make your changes small and leave yourselves the option to undue any changes that cause your players to leave in droves like SOE found out . i wait with baited breath and pray to the game gods that your product is fun and content filled.

  • Bomsquadeod

    SWG,,,the only game that was “improved” to death…

  • SigonLegacy

    Really, the Combat Upgrade wasn’t all THAT bad. It changed some stuff up a bit, balanced a few things, but the sheer customization was still there. NGE did what I call “WoWified” SWG. They further WoWified it by adding in customizations that bear a striking resemblance to WoW’s skill tree system. I truly, truly hope that Bioware doesn’t mess up my beloved IP with crappy gameplay and a lack of customization.

  • Schnizz

    This too makes me sad, as it was my first mmo as well.  How I wish I could back, maybe play some music in the tyrena cantina. RIP SWG.

  • Ixe Juan

    Yup I wish smedley would commit seppuku

  • Mentaldrift

    Both CU and NGE were Lucas Arts made attempts (failed…) to decapitate WoW and take the cake. Associating it with SOE is just unfair or ignorant. The more that SOE has it’s own share of sins to be ashamed of.

    The game has been exceptional when it comes to design and content in last 2 years and turned into amazing in last 6 months (after shut down has already been announced). If you were not there you lost a chance to participate in sandbox experience unseen in current genere of games and probably too ‘oldschool’ to ever be recreated.

    Keep in mind the game actually improved after LA gave up hope of it being ‘WoW killer’ and left its fate in SOE’s skeleton crew. Don’t forget that LA and EA decided to shut it down (not Sony) once their new WoW killer project has finally been completed. Shut down of SWG was enforced on exact same day early access to TOR were to start, yes not coincidence just one of marketing moves EA is well known for.
    After all SW brand is just a monemaker tool put into hands of hired devs. This time it’s EA which got it from LA and Bioware (entirely owned and financially managed by EA) got the tool in their hands to turn it to $$$.

    If You learned Your lesson from SWG customer’s fate, just don’t touch anything SW franchise related or EA marketed and You won’t be treated like cattle with credit card on string around the neck 😉