Saints Row: The Third – Why It Will Rock

Strap it on-- what?!

About a month ago, I was in dire need of a fun new free roam game.  Searching around my local Gamestop, I found Saints Row 2. To be honest, I knew nothing about the game. I looked at the back of the case and thought, “What the heck, I’ll get it.” What did I think of it? It’s the most fun I’ve had in a free roam game since GTA: San Andreas. Before I get trolled about GTA being better than the Saints Row games, let me point out that Saints Row 2 is very fun! While graphically Saints Row 2 isn’t beautiful, the gameplay truly takes the cake. I found myself laughing so hard I was crying while playing Co-op. The amount of stuff you can do with a friend is just plain awesome. Now, with that said, Saints Row: The Third improves on everything that was already great with its predecessor.

During this year’s E3, new information, screenshots, and videos surfaced, and I have to say the game is looking very slick. Of course Saints 3 follows the same crazy and humorous style that Saints 2 had, and that’s what I love. If you want a truck with a giant cannon to suck people in and shoot them back out, you got it. Want over-sized fist gloves that make people explode? Saints 3 has it. Feel like randomly punching someone in the groin? Get your fill with The Third. Now lets talk arsenal: one of the new “weapons” in the game, called The RC Gun, has me really excited. The RC Gun apparently shoots out a hacking bug, that when shot at any vehicle, allows you to remotely take control of it. Since SR3 is going to have an upgrade system to the weapons, the RC Gun will start off working on regular cars before eventually moving up, through upgrades, to tanks, airplanes, helicopters etc.. The next weapon that made a debut at E3 was the Air Strike laser pointer. As the name suggests, you point a laser at desired target, and watch the light show happen as an explosive air strike downs your target. These are just a few of the new weapons and gadgets that we will be able to use once the game comes out. Now we have plenty of weapons to get back at our friend with if he smacks us with that special rubber bat.


When SR 2 begins, it starts off right after the events of the first game; you start from zero and make your way to the top. In SR 3 you take control of a different city though; we leave the beloved Stilwater and make our way to Steelport. Steelport, so far, definitely has a different feel than Stilwater: it looks much more like a concrete jungle than the suburban feel of Stilwater. I have to say the new city looks gorgeous, and all the clubs and bars light up the city pretty nice. Stilwater had a variety of places to visit, and activities to complete. One of the things I loved about SR 2 was Co-op, having the ability to progress through story mode with a friend was fun. Story wasn’t the only thing that was available, pretty much anything you could do on your own, you can go through with a friend. That includes, stores, plastic surgeons, activities, and much more.   The only issue I had with Co-op was that when one player paused, it paused the game for the other. Seeing as how the game had a numerous amounts of cheats, friends I would play with tended to pause….a lot. In fact, half of the time I was looking at “Player 2 has paused the game…” If Volition can work around that, Co-op would be perfect.

Look for Saints Row: The Third, out in stores on November 15 this year. So tell me guys, what do you look forward to most in Saints Row: The Third?

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  • Devon (Scryer)

    Nice article. 

  • Sammie

    I Think your article was great. It was like exactly what everyone feels but dont know how to say. And yes. the pausing in co-op was the only thing wrong

  • Anonymous

    Thanks man!

  • Dwayne

    SR3 has both local and online co-op, that right there, sold the game for me.
    There’s not many games that allow you to play with friends on the same TV anymore, and that’s something I enjoy greatly. 
    Also great article.

  • Dominic

    damn i cant wait for this game