BioWare To Continue With Mass Effect Universe After Mass Effect 3?

In an interview with Forbes  BioWare co-founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka have talked about the Mass Effect franchise and where to take it once Mass Effect 3 hits the stores next year.

The key quote from this interview came when asked if BioWare would return to the series once the trilogy has been completed:

Greg Zeschuk: Certainly the setting has really resonated with people, the type of aliens in the world, the type of people that inhabit space. Obviously we focus first and foremost on nailing it on this game, and then, you know, the possibilities in the future are very, very broad.

Ray Muzyka: We want to make sure it’s awesome. [Mass Effect 3] is our first focus. Beyond that, we do have a desire to continue the Mass Effect franchise, and we’re working on the details, figuring out what the fans want, figuring out the right way.

With previous rumours of a Mass Effect MMO and a multiplayer component being added to Mass Effect 3 the confirmation that Mass Effect 3 may not be the end of the franchise is welcome news.

Source: CVG, Forbes

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