Courage Case Review (iPhone)

At 05:48:23 on March 11th, Japan was wrecked by a devastating earthquake. The ensuing tsunami and aftershocks crippled the country, and the Japanese are recovering to this day. Many organizations started up donations for the country, with many offering a product in return. The Primary Case Company has created the Courage Case, with all profits heading to Japan through Global Giving.

Since the case is sold online and all profits go to Japan, it’s a very simplistic package. A simple foam insert holds the case in shape while shipping, and it’s obviously not meant for shelf display.

The Courage Case, like many other iPhone cases, just snaps on. It stays on well but can come off if you try. A simple drawstring pouch (that doesn’t appear to have been designed explicitly for this device) can hold the case if you desire extra protection. All in all, it’s a rather simple production.

The case effectively protects the sides and the back, while offering minimal protection to the front. It can be rested face-down on a table with no touching, but won’t defend against anything in your pocket. Buttons on the side won’t accidentally be hit unless the case is being put on or off. Much like a standard iPhone case of this sort, it works appropriately as such.

While the concept is nice, and the case design as a whole isn’t too bad, the use of bamboo becomes a problem. Bamboo’s not the strongest material known to man, and when you have a small portion of it capable of being knocked repeatedly, chances are it’ll rip off. Particularly, around the camera lens hole, the smallest portion of bamboo can easily rip off. Likewise, bamboo can be stained rather easily, and already has a decent smudge mark just from pocket use.

The Courage Case is a decent concept. An appropriate case, it’s hard to judge base on it’s price. Many better cases can be found cheaper, but your money’s going to Japan, not to a major company. If you’re out to support Japan, this is a way to do it, but don’t think it’ll replace your Otterboxes for defense. It will turn heads though.

The Courage Case is available for $29.99.

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