David Jaffe Will Keynote PAX Prime 2011

Great news if you are planning on attending PAX11 this year in Seattle, David Jaffe will be doing this years keynote speech. And that’s not all according to the team working on setting up this year’s PAX Prime:

Fans will also see some of the hottest new games from more than a hundred exhibitors including video game companies like 2K Games, Activision, Bioware, Capcom, NCsoft and Turbine as well as table top/CCG power houses such as Wizards of the Coast and Privateer Press. Microsoft is hosting Halo Fest – the largest and most expansive live Halo experience anyone has ever seen – at the third floor annex of the Washington State Conference Center.

PAX Prime is also bringing back the ever popular nightly concerts. The full list of acts this year includes some of the hottest acts in the geek culture music scene including:

• Jonathan Coulton
• MC Frontalot
• Metroid Metal
• Minibosses
• Paul and Storm
• Supercommuter (first PAX Prime appearance)
• The Video Game Orchestra (first PAX Prime appearance)

I’m so exciting I’ll be going to PAX once again this year. I believe this will be my 5th or 6th time I’ve been to PAX and every time just keeps getting bigger and more exciting. But with all that great news I do have some bad news for you guys and gals, if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you are kind of SOL, they are all out of passes for this year, yes, PAX Prime is completely sold out! There might be a silver of hope for some of you though, there is an official thread in the Penny Arcade forums where there are some tickets for sale, and for face value by some fellow gamers that just won’t be able to use their already paid for tickets.

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