World of Tanks Coming To Retail Stores

Good news for people who want to make their free-to-play games less free!, developers of the free-to-play MMO World of Tanks, has partnered with Interactive Gaming Software (IGS) to bring their game to retail stores.

World of Tanks is an MMO in which players buy and pilot World War II tanks and take them online to a variety of authentic battlefields to engage in armored combat.

With over 3 million players, World of Tanks has been quite successful. However a vast majority of those players are from Russia and Europe. hopes to increase the awareness for World of Tanks in North America by bringing it to stores shelves.

IGS CEO Pal Lombardi said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to help bring this stunning game to a North American audience. We also think this partnership has huge potential for both companies.”

Details are slim at the moment on how much this boxed copy will cost, or where it will be stocked. Seeing as the game is traditionally free-to-play online, the boxed copy will probably include exclusive bonuses or a voucher for “Gold” – the games premium currency that allows you to buy exclusive tanks and upgrades.

World of Tanks features more than 150 authentic World War II tanks from Russia, America, and Germany. It utilizes a unique upgrade system that allows you to improve both your tank and crew and gives you persistent stats that you imcrease after every battle.

World of Tanks is currently available in an open beta and you can register to play at their official site,

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