A Simple Question: Harmonix Music Subscription

I like the folks at Harmonix.  I follow many of them on Twitter, I enjoy what they say (working with them must be a treat), and get introduced to wonderful new things through them.  Most importantly, of course, I love the games they produce, particularly Rock Band.  That they continue to pump out DLC week after week is a testament to their commitment and love of the game, and I look forward to the announcements each Friday of what’s coming next. Running a weekly Rock Band event after work, I try my best to stay on top of all of the DLC to keep things fresh and interesting, but it’s difficult to do so from a monetary standpoint sometimes.  Then I started to think how intimidating the number of downloads must be to a person completely new to Rock Band.  It made me wonder:

If Harmonix did a subscription fee that granted access to all DLC (songs), would you pay?

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The subscription plan I am envisioning would be a flat monthly fee that would grant access to all Harmonix songs (Dance Central / Rock Band).  Perhaps there are different plans for different games.  I think this would get a lot of people paying for DLC via monthly fee at first, and then forcing them to purchase ones they really like to keep forever.  Or, go the route the Zune does, and allow players to download-to-keep a couple of songs a month, to make the fee easier to swallow (and perhaps even justify).  Allowing you to listen to the music through your computer (ad-free) wouldn’t hurt as well.  That’s just my vision; for the sake of the question, would you be willing to pay a fee to get access to all the songs?  In the comments below, feel free to elaborate with what kind of plan you think might work and, more importantly, how much you’d pay for such a service.  Based on what I described above, I’d be willing to pay up to $30 a month (if it included free songs to keep each month – $25 or $20 if not).

Some commentary this week from the Twitter-verse.  Let’s see what was said:

@pseudopseudo: No, only because I don’t play those games enough to justify paying for a subscription. It’s not a bad idea. I would think something like bonus content and subscription-exclusive songs might sway some people.

@IncreaseBlue: Heck yeah. Those DLC packs can get expensive after awhile, I’d throw down 20 bucks or something if I got all-access

Thanks to those that responded this week. Keep an eye out in #PNASQ on Monday when I’ll pose next week’s question. Want to sound off? Vote above, and comment below!

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