Sniper: Ghost Warrior Released For The PlayStation 3

After receiving a very warm welcome on the Xbox 360 and PC last year, City Interactive’s FPS Sniper: Ghost Warrior has been released for the PlayStation 3 and is available in store now.

The PlayStation 3 version comes almost exactly one full year after the initial release, which might make you wonder exactly why it took so long. City Interactive didn’t produce a straight port, instead they took extra time to “optimize the game fully for the platform” and include exclusive content. New single-player missions, five new multiplayer maps and a new mode have been added along with some new sniper rifles, the L96 and M200 Intervention. Along with the new content are some fixes and improvements to the game, which was originally criticized for its various bugs.

Fans of the game have voiced dissatisfaction over the delay on the City Interactive Facebook page and forums. Despite the additional content, PlayStation 3 owners are upset they had to wait a full year before getting the game, especially seeing as the sequel is planned for 2012.  There is also some anger over the game being priced at $39.99, $10 more than the Xbox 360 version.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior has sold over one million copies, making it a large success for City Interactive. This sales achievement has occurred despite low critic reviews, with a metacritic average of only 50%. However because the sniper genre is so small, it has attracted a niche audience. Sniper: Ghost Warrior was the first major sniping game released since 2005’s Sniper Elite by Rebellion.

City Interactive announced earlier this year that a sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior was in the works.  The sequel, currently titled Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is scheduled for release sometime in 2012.

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