Uncharted 3 Beta Impressions

Ok guys, first off I’d like to say one thing, I was never an Uncharted fan. I always saw the game being praised for its amazing graphics and story. To me, however, it felt like a mix of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, and I’m not keen of either. But let me tell you this, I played the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception MP Beta, and it’s amazingly fun. I have been officially converted to a fan. I downloaded the Beta yesterday, and just had a good run through the game. There are two maps so far, The Chateau and Airstrip, and both maps are gorgeous and highly detailed. The Chateau map offers a little bit of platforming, which I enjoyed a lot. It also has close quarter and long distance combat spaces; overall its a well-balanced map. Airstrip, so far, is my personal favorite; starting off on a moving truck, you have to make your way to a cargo plane that is about to take off. This really made the game fun, once you take over this plane, it is very hard to take you out, especially when you have a good team with you. Once on the Cargo Plane, you hold your ground for a few minutes and eventually it takes off. Afterwards, the battle is taken to a hangar type of area where the shooting can continue. I have to say that by these two maps alone, I was floored with how fun this game is.

Airstrip Map.

The next portion I want to get into is the ability to customize your characters. Once you start up the Beta, you are taken to a lobby screen. In here you can customize your character, whether it’s a in game persona like Drake or a basic model in which you can make your own. The Beta starts you off with a few selections only, but you can change the color of it as well, and as you progress and level up, you unlock more items. In this screen you can also select your load outs for either competitive, or Co-op modes. With each load out you can also equip boosters; so far my favorite booster is the Daredevil. Another cool feature is the ability to create an emblem for yourself. It’s has options for a frame, base, and 2 extra layers. It’s really neat how once you have made your emblem it’s displayed in the flag behind you, and sometimes within the maps.

Must have that gas mask.


Game play is amazing, and it runs very smoothly. From running and gunning, to climbing ruined walls, Uncharted 3 is very slick. There’s not much else I can say at this point other than it’s a good game so far, it really is something you have to try for yourself. It’s definitely the best 3rd person shooter I have played; Naughty Dog has really impressed me. As I said before, I was never into the previous games; they never called out to me.  But Uncharted 3 has something special. November 1 can’t come fast enough. In the meantime, I will be playing the first 2 games, and enjoying the Beta.

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  • Free2rhyme

    I pooped

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Haha wait until you play the game.

  • Josiah.

    Good going Jordan! 
     Liked the Review! 

    <3 Josiah. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks man!

  • Jordan Blues Singer

    Googled Uncharted, found this article, clicked, started reading, got to the “and Indiana Jones, and I’m not keen of either.” part and stopped. Goodbye.

    • Anonymous

      Too bad, the Beta was fun.