Prope’s Unreal Engine-Powered iPhone Game

It’s a shame not many people know about Prope. I’m sure once I mention that Sonic the Hedgehog programmer and NiGHTS into Dreams designer Yuji Naka founded the studio, you’ll pay more attention. Unfortunately, they’ve only put out a couple middling games on the Wii and ported them to a few mobile devices (though, to be honest, I actually had fun with Ivy the Kiwi?).

Well, here’s a nice little twist: Prope is releasing a brand new iPhone game that is powered by the Unreal Engine called PD – prope discoverer. It is in first-person and it is using the faux-dual sticks control configuration, but it’s not an action game. In fact, while it is definitely an adventure game, it could be lumped into the point ‘n click genre because you will be tapping specific items on screen to progress (namely three hidden cards in each level).

While it’s no Infinity Blade with its chill ambiance (and liberal take on the spelling of “castle”), it definitely has a certain something going for it. It all seems very calm and looks absolutely beautiful for an iPhone game. For $3, this is probably worth checking out.

Or at least beginning to consider checking out.

Source: Joystiq

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