Sizzling New Trailer For The Baconing

With bacon in the title, it has to something good right?! Well it is, and we have a new trailer to show you from The Baconing. First a little more about the game, just to keep you up to speed.

The forces of evil have recently been no match for Hothead’s ultimate video game hero, DeathSpank, but will he be prepared to confront his own evil-self, the AntiSpank? Summoned out of boredom and an ancient Thongolith myth, the AntiSpank is casting an evil shadow over Spanktopia. DeathSpank must find and proceed deep into the Fires of Bacon and destroy five of the Thongs of Virtue if he is to restore balance to the world once again.

With new environments, characters, weapons, incredible suits of armor, and plenty of bacon, The Baconing is a comical adventure like no other.

So what did you think? Looks pretty good if you ask me, so be sure to stop back, as we will keep you up to date with The Baconing.

The Baconing will be released on PC, Mac, and other platforms this summer.

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