Steam’s Summer Sale Going On Now

Hey PC gamers, our second favorite time of the year is upon us, first being the big Steam Winter Sale of course. Just check out the picture below to see today’s deals, as there are some really good ones there.

I’m going to pick up Recettear, Bit.Trip Runner and probably Back to the Future today; I figure that’s a good start.  I’ve already done more than my fair share in Borderlands (platinum trophied on the PlayStation 3), but I just might pick up Oblivion again, at that price. Steam is also doing a bunch of giveaways where you can win prizes and games. Now, if you haven’t participated in a Steam sale before, you need to rectify that and go over to Steam’s store right now to check out their low prices.

Now I already told you all that I’m getting today. I’m curious what you all are getting as well. Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Bigwig6666

    How do u win prizes?

    • check out this page,