Deus Ex: Human Revolution Behind 2027 The World

We have a new trailer for you to take a look at today from Deus Ex: Human Revolution! This new trailer is the first of a new series from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Video Developer Diaries. Now, there will be more trailers released from the diaries, so be sure to keep checking back at your favorite gaming website, as we will be sure to keep you up to date with the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Video Developer Diaries.

First a little background information about the trailer:

Welcome to 2027— a time of technological advancements, conspiracy and chaos. In this video, Deus Ex: Human Revolution development team members Jean-Francois Dugas, Jonathan Jacques-Belletete and Mary DeMarle discuss the complex world, major figures and dramatic backstory of 2027.

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Thanks to G4 for the trailer.

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  • QuinnRyans

    I don’t see an embedded trailer?