Hidden Bargains Of The Steam Summer Sale

This week the Steam Summer Sale was unveiled, and it’s quite a sale; hundreds of games are marked down, and it’s a lot to look through. Steam is advertising certain daily deals and catalogs on their front page, but some less known games are hiding among the pages just waiting to be purchased:

Shadowgrounds: Survivor: Before Frozenbyte made Trine, they worked on the Shadowground series. Shadowgrounds is a top down shooter set on a  space colony thats been cut off by an unexpected alien invasion. You play as three characters across a campaign with a converging storyline. As you play you can level up skills and weapons to fight the alien hordes.

Men of War: Possibly the best real-time tactics game ever made. In Men of War, you take control of a small group of World War II soldiers, and command them on the battlefield – however unlike a typical RTS, you can take direct control of soldiers, tanks, and emplacements to give your team an extra advantage. The campaign will bring you through skirmishes and stealth missions, all the way up to full out battles. The entire series is on sale, but neither game hits the mark as well as the original.

VVVVVV: A throwback to classic gaming, VVVVVV is a challenging and unforgiving platformer. It will be frustratingly difficult, it was be amazingly rewarding, it will be fun. Its done so well you will never be smashing your keyboard in anger after dying one too many times; you will just keep trying over and over, watching your persistent death counter go up as you try to navigate the 8bit world.

Titan Quest: Gold: The best Diablo-esque game (I dont want to call it a clone because it improves and innovates on so many things) ever made besides Diablo itself.  It captures the satisfying feel of leveling up and looting, and provides a deep skill tree for its many classes. It also provides tons of hand created content, no randomized dungeons here!

Flight Control HD: It took the Apple App Store by storm, staying at #1 on the charts for many weeks. Now you can get the same experience on PC, where the mouse does a great job as a replacement for your finger. For this reduced price its an absolute steal.

Zen Bound 2: It sounds like a game you should only be playing with the door locked, but its actually very harmless. You take a rope and wrap it around increasingly complex shapes, trying to cover as much of its surface area as possible. It sounds goofy but it’s quite fun, and as its title suggests, relaxing. For $1 you would be crazy not to buy it.

Shatter: A great take on the blockbreaker genre, Shatter combines classic ball-and-paddle action with boss fights and a unique vacuum mechanic that lets you suck blocks towards you and blow them away. Add a booming soundtrack and you have a great classic arcade experience.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic:  When Dark Messiah was released in 2005, it disappointed critics with its many bugs. However, underneath the shaky coding is an amazing action game created with Valve’s own Source engine. A personal favorite of mine, Dark Messiah has amazing environments and believable characters that feel as real as the ones from Half-Life 2. Kick enemies down stairs and off ledges, and fight them using traps and objects from the environment. The game is a great demonstration on how to properly combine action oriented combat with a leveling system (take notes Bethesda, this is how Oblivion should have played).

Penny Arcade Adventures: Precipice of Darkness Combo Pack: This turn based RPG was not everyone’s favorite, but it attracted a niche audience. Unfortunately, its storyline will never be finished because the remaining episodes were cancelled, but if you were curious about the series, there wont be a better time to buy.

Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Double Pack: Loved by critics, Size Five’s adventure games are hailed as great modern entries in the genre.  Humorous and well designed, its a perfect example of a great adventure game, and a good introduction to those who have never broken into the genre.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic:  I can’t recommend this game enough. If you love RPGs buy this. If you love Star Wars buy this. If you like games buy this. I was initially hesitant to play the game because of its turn-based combat, but it is a good combination of tactics and action, and you will never be sitting in menus picking moves for long.   Take your team across the universe, and delve into one of the best RPGs ever made.
This one is a daily deal, so buy it as soon as you can!
$2.50 Up to $6.69 now – I still recommend buying it!

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  • thanks for the heads up, definitely going to get darksiders

  • Is it bad when you go to buy games and then steam tells you that you already own it?  I apparently own too many Steam games.

  • Is it bad when you go to buy games and then steam tells you that you already own it?  I apparently own too many Steam games.

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  • Dark Messiah shows up as 25% off…so $7.50. Was it a daily sale yesterday? How is the rest of the pack?

    • Anonymous

      Agh you are right it was. I didnt realize it was included in the sale for the other Might and Magic games. My apologizes, i have updated the post.

      I cant comment on the rest of the series. The other games are much different and i havent played them.

  • KOTOR helps to ease the SW:TOR needs… three dollars is practically giving it away, i remember buying that game at full price.   

  • BasedGod

    Battlefield 2 is £5
    thats some hard shit.

  • Great picks!

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  • Tycho is still adding to the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness storyline here:

    • Anonymous

      nice! I did not know about that.