Gears Of War 2 Turns Up The XP

In celebration of not only Independence day here in the US, but in celebration of Epic’s own Joe Graf’s birthday, Gears of War 2 fans will see a 21x XP bonus for the weekend. The 21x XP bonus ends July 5th so you still have time to get your Gears of War 2 on and gain a lot of XP while playing. But wait don’t turn on your 360 just yet, because not only will you get a crap load of XP for playing, but you will also see an increase in ammo in certain weapons, to include 4 x Mortar Ammo 4 x Hammer Of Dawn Ammo and let’s not forget we will also see some Flaming Bloodmounts, Boomers and Tickers.

Time to dust off Gears of War 2 and gain 21x XP!

Source: Epic

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