Lionhead Studios Working On A Secret Project

Could the untitled Milo Kinect game be coming back?

Peter Molyneux, creator of the Fable games, and head of Lionhead Studios, recently confirmed that the developer is working on a “super secret second project.” After announcing Fable: The Journey at E3 this year, not much other news was expected out of the UK based dev team. Of course, that is all that was wrung out of Molyneux’s announcement, with no hint of what it could possibly be.

Fable 4? Seems too obvious. Maybe that creepy-cool Milo Kinect project is coming back in a bigger way? Hopefully even a new IP? With my outlooks jaded considering a new Fable game, and that Milo kid kind of freaking me out, a new IP would be my optimistic guess. Hopefully it won’t be too long for all the speculation to turn to fact.


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  • They should bring back Black and White. Black and White 3 would be badass!