Tomb Raider Pole Dance Takes Top Spot

Anyone who knows me knows that I have two major hobbies- gaming and Polercise. Now these are two activities that rarely come together unless you’re playing Saints Row 2 and happen to walk into a strip club and it’s not recommended to spin round a pole with a controller in your hand. Enter Emy and Bex, students at Bristol University and talented Pole Dancers. The two Tomb Raider super fans entered the Bristol Heat of the UK Amateur Pole Performer competition taking the Doubles category top spot, dressed as Lara Croft for the gaming heroine influenced dance. The girls will go on to represent Bristol in the UKAPP Finals in September.

In an interview with Stella’s Tomb Raider Blog, when asked why they chose the Tomb Raider theme for their entry, Emy replied,

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tomb Raider games. I have merchandise, DIY costumes, the Anniversary costume, posters, figures, all the games, etc. It was the early Tomb Raider games that got me into computers in the first place when I was little! I even live near Wimbledon, and Lara’s character history says she went to Wimbledon High School, a partner school of the one I went to. Even now, I play through the original games to pass time when I’m bored. This year alone I’ve played TR 2, 3, and Last Revelation…probably should have been doing coursework though…haha!

Bex and I decided to enter UKAPP as a double act but we couldn’t think of a theme. She knew I loved Tomb Raider and she does too. So as soon as she suggested it my eyes lit up and we both knew it was the right theme for us! She even dyed her hair from very light peroxide blonde to dark brown for the occasion…that’s dedication!”

Upon watching the performance, the level of skill and hard work it takes to hold the pole tricks is apparent and I can personally vouch for the dedication it takes to prepare for such an event (I am also competing in the Dublin heat of UKAPP later in the summer). Being a gamer I’m regularly taken as being a ‘bit of a geek’ but these girls are showing that gaming doesn’t equal boring. I’d like to wish the girls the best of luck for the finals in September and if I’m lucky I’ll hopefully have half the stage presence they have when I get up there myself.

Source: Stella’s Tomb Raider Blog

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  • Thanks for picking up our story, Anna. Glad you liked it and good luck to you at UKAPP! 😀

  • Hi Anna, thanks for the mention, great to see more female famer girls who love love love pole!! I see youre doing the Dublin heat of UKAPP, good luck, Im sure youll be brill, are you doing a singles category or the doubles? Wishing you the best of luck to win and then we can meet you at the finals!! 😀 xx