EVE Online Microtransactions: CCP Denies Rumors

CCP has recently met with the player elected community managers of the CSM (Council of Stellar Management) in an attempt to dissolve rumors of future microtransactions being added to EVE Online that would allow players to purchase unfair ship upgrades or stat advantages. In the meeting’s conclusion, CCP assured the members of CSM that while it is true that microtransactions will be available in EVE, players will only be able to purchase purely cosmetic items, such as clothes or ship designs, that won’t have any affect on game mechanics. So yes, the so called riot is likely over now, but I suppose the sacking of Jita was fun while it lasted, aye fellas?

Finally, your fears of newbs being able to spend fifteen dollars in order to get a cosmic death ray capable of shooting down your tech II fitted battleship with one volley, can be put to rest. No, CCP wants to assure us that they were merely trying to suck more money from those poor helpless saps who were already willing to spend twenty five dollars of their hard earned cash on a digital t-shirt. I suppose they have deemed that if some people want to shovel copious amounts cash at them for something that could have been added to the game for free, why should they stand in their way? After all, most true EVE players could care less about cosmetics because they are far to busy keeping track of their killboards and attentively watching local chat for reds to worry about what sort of overcoat the avatar they hardly see is wearing.

Rest easy EVE fans, the skies are clear. If you are interested in watching the full interview between CSM and CCP, you can click the link bellow. By the way, what do you think of Dust 514 these days? Fly safe.

Source: Shack News

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  • feverdreamz

    I say as long as its kept to cosmetic crap let them have their overpriced virtual pants.  Introducing ships and weapons systems into this microtransaction deal would have pretty harsh consequences on the in game economy.

    As far as Dust-514, I really like the idea.  If it can be implemented properly this could really enhance the whole eve experience.  If only it wasn’t a PS3 exclusive >.<