Gamer Creates Art From Beautiful GTA IV Stills

Gamer Duncan Harris runs the website, a site dedicated to showcasing the beauty of videogames that’s often lost on us as we are bunny hopping and headshooting people. His self appointed title of “Videogame pornographer” holds true. He recently released a series of stills from Grand Theft Auto IV that capture the city in all its beauty, and the results are pretty amazing. He spiced it up with mods and post processing, but that does not make the results any less impressive.

But he doesn’t just showcase GTA IV. Harris captures amazing images from many games, ranging from Crysis 2 to 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand (yeah really) and the results are all great.  Even older games like Halo: Combat Evolved, and P.N 03 He also promises to release a bunch of  Mirror’s Edge screens soon which I am very excited for.

See more amazing shots from Grand Theft Auto here:


Harris says he wants to “save the art of gaming from the technology of gaming”, and he believes games feature “art that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best the entertainment industry can offer” but its often lost among hype for how many guns or maps a game has or how cool it looks when you shoot a guys head off.  You can see all of his work at his site here.

His “Print Art” section also showcases full-resolution concept art and mock-ups that are also very beautiful and worth checking out. While Harris continues his work of documenting the realism of GTA IV in photos, modders also continue work on making the game look as good as possible in motion.

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