Sony Redesigning The PlayStation Store

According to Reg Hardware Sony is currently testing a redesign of the PlayStation Store, as a response to complaints that the current PSN is too text heavy. Supposedly this redesign incorporates a ‘live search’, allowing search results to appear as you type, much like most internet search engines.

The revamp also involves making the movies and games database look and perform more like the IMDB, allowing you to view for example key actors or developers and then click on them to see what else they were involved in.

There is also apparently a ‘deal of the week’ section in the works, and to go along with all this a change in colour scheme is planned.

Personally I’d never felt there was too much text in the PlayStation Store, but nevertheless these changes all sound useful to me.

Source Reg Hardware

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  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, I didn’t mind the store as it is. But a new design is welcome.

  • I agree Jordan0905, can’t wait to see the new store in action