PSP Digital Comics Store Updates Come To An End

With this week’s Digital Comics Store update, not only does it detail what digital comics will be available, but it also let’s us know that this will be the final update for digital comics for the PSP.

This week will be the final update for digital comics on the PSP. The Digital Comics Team will continue to work on bringing the comic service to other Sony devices.

The upside is that digital comics will be coming to other Sony devices that have yet to be specified. Here is a quick look at what is in store for the final update for the PSP.

Batman Beyond Vol. 2 #16, DC Comics
Batman: Arkham City (Digital Chapter) #1, DC Comics
Beyond Wonderland #0 – 1, Zenescope
Charmed #5, Zenescope
Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life #2, IDW Publishing
Doctor Who: Volume 2 #2, IDW Publishing
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun #5, IDW Publishing
Earthbuilders #2, DC Comics
Ender’s Game (2008): Mazer in Prison, Marvel
Ender’s Game (2008): Recruiting Valentine, Marvel
Ender’s Game (2008): The League War, Marvel
Ender’s Game (2008): War of Gifts, Marvel
Freeman of the Armed Services #1 – 5, Markosia
Grimm Fairy Tales #12 – 13, Zenescope
Inferno #1 – 2, Zenescope
Johnny Hart’s Growing Old with B.C. : 1950s, Devil’s Due Digital
Johnny Hart’s Growing Old with B.C. : 1960s, Devil’s Due Digital
Johnny Hart’s Growing Old with B.C. : 1970s, Devil’s Due Digital

I really haven’t used my PSP for digital comics since I bought my iPod touch a couple of years ago, and now with all the comic services for iOS devices I find it easier to buy my digital comics through my iPhone. What about you my fellow digital comic readers, when was the last time you bought or read a digital comic on your PSP?


Just a quick note over 4,000 titles will still be available through the comic store as usual.

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