Top Begins “Hidden Gems” Sale

As if your wallet wasn’t taking enough of a beating, Good Old Games ( has begun their sale on fantastic retro titles. For the next 17 days, will unveil a new daily “Hidden Gem” at 60% off its original price. They are specifically targeting these “Hidden Gems” to put the “lesser-known titles from the rapidly growing catalog are put into the spotlight.” And by lesser-known, GOG does not mean crappy!

Today’s sale started off this morning with Sanitarium, an excellent adventure game where you delve into the world of insanity, and it is available now for only $3.99 (by the time you read this they will probably be on the next title, so check their site to see what it is!). Its possible the guys over at are also going a bit insane for offering such a good sale.

Check back daily at at 5am EST to see what game they are offering next. With a catalog of over 350 excellent classic games, this is a sale you will not want to miss. Remember that all games are DRM free (that means hassle free), work on Windows Vista and 7, and almost always include neat extras like soundtracks or maps.

Currently PC digital distributors Steam and Direct-2-Drive are also having their summer sales.

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