Men of War: Condemned Heroes Announced

Strategy fans have something to be excited about, as today, 1C Company announced a new entry in their PC strategy series. Men of War: Condemned Heroes puts you in command of a notorious Russian penal battalion. Formed under the order of Joseph Stalin, the penal battalions consisted of court-marshaled officers and deserters who were then forced to fight in the most dangerous battles as punishment. The same order also instituted the policy of shooting retreating soldiers, which we have seen in Call of Duty and other games. Men of War always includes some history lessons in-between missions and in their detailed encyclopedias included in the game, and 1C says, “this game tells the truth about these regiments based on real evidence from their former members”.

Men of War: Condemned Heroes will contain 15 mission across four campaigns, starting in Ukraine in 1942 and ending in Germany in 1945. 1C did not release details on the developer, or release date. The most recent entry, Men of War: Assault Squad, was a bit of a departure from the normal gameplay, and was developed by DigitalMindsoft.  BestWay, the developer of the original Men of War, is currently working on Men of War:Vietnam, which leads me to believe DigitalMindsoft will be handling Condemned Heroes, but I would count on the gameplay being closer to the traditional games in the series.

The Men of War series combines real time tactical gameplay with Direct-Control mode, allowing you full command over your soldiers.  You can form your own squads, outfit each individual unit on the battlefield, and take control of them yourself with Direct-Control. Featuring unparalleled detail, the Men of War series has been a favorite of  PC gamers and is the finest modern example of the RTT Genre (Real Time Tactical). got access to some screenshots. 1C Company promises the game will feature “ultra-detailed photorealistic human models”, however forum users have noted that some of the assets are identical to the previous games, so hopefully we will see the looks improve a bit before the final release.


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