Silver Edition ASTRO A30 Cross-Gaming Headset

ASTRO Gaming has reintroduced the Silver Edition A30 Cross-Gaming Headset, and also added six new custom-designed Studio Series Speaker Tags to the mix. And if you don’t like the six new Studio Series Speaker Tags or the pre-existing tags? No problem; you can create your own speaker tags, and personalize them the way you want by using the ASTRO Customizer. Now that’s what I am talking about; customizing a set of the Studio Series Speaker Tags with the P*N logo.

Here’s a little more about the Silver Edition ASTRO A30’s:

Silver Edition ASTRO A30 Cross-Gaming Headset features include:

Award-Winning ASTRO Gaming Sound and Voice Communication: The ASTRO A30 uses the same ASTRO Audio DNA developed for the critically-acclaimed A40 pro gaming headset.
Dual Mic System: The removable boom mic provides perfect voice communication for tournament or home play, while the in-line mic allows for on-the-go phone conversations or internet chatting through handheld devices.
Comfortable, Lightweight On-Ear Design: The ASTRO A30s are designed to be used outside in the real world, with noise-reducing closed backs and a street-smart, customizable design.
Interchangeable Speaker Tags: As with the original A40 design, the ASTRO A30 headset features removable and customizable speaker tags that can be designed online to create a unique look for teams, clans, guilds or simply for pure personal expression.
Ballistic Nylon Travel Case: The A30s come standard with a backpack friendly, protective case for traveling to tournaments or a friend’s house.
ASTRO MixAmp Compatible: The ASTRO A30 headset is fully compatible with the ASTRO MixAmp system, which allows for full voice communication features across gaming consoles and personal computers.
Cross-Gaming Cabling Included: The ASTRO A30 ships with three length appropriate audio cables standard to enable the headset’s superior audio across mobile, PC and gaming consoles.
Apple Compatible: The ASTRO A30 is the perfect compliment to your Apple products, working natively with Macbooks, iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The Silver Edition ASTRO A30 Cross-Gaming Headset is now available via ASTRO Gaming’s web site for $129.95. The six custom Studio Series Speaker Tags are also available separately for purchase at the cost of $19.95 each.

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  • I really like these, I think I’m going to save up and buy a set.  Then I’ll make my own P*N decal to put on the sides!