A New Toy: Cideko’s Air Keyboard Chatting

Hey gadget nerds! Ever wanted to control your PC or home media center with the same speed and precision of a keyboard and mouse, but from the palm of your hands while you rest lazily on your couch? Thanks to the recently announced ‘Air Keyboard Chatting’ from Cideko, you can do just that from up to 30 meters away. The Air Keyboard Chatting integrates a compact wireless keyboard, gyro mouse (which allows you to control your mouse cursor by turning the device from side to side or up and down, like a PS3 Sixaxis controller), ear-bud headphones and a microphone all into one lightweight hand held device. It actually looks quite similar to a gaming controller, only without the joysticks.

With a 10 hour rechargeable battery, Cideko is hopeful that the Air Keyboard Chatting will serve as a convenient alternative to what PC users have already grown accustomed to, functioning with the same control and precision as a mouse and keyboard. Of course, most nerds are almost romantically attached to their keyboards, but it’s an interesting idea. The device can also be used with the browsing and chat capabilities of our Playstation 3’s, which could make typing and surfing the web much easier than before. It seems like controlling the mouse with the Air Keyboard would take some getting used to, but is said to be very accurate and easy to use.

Air Keyboard Chatting is compatible with Windows 98- Widows 7, Mac OS 10.2 or later and Linux operating systems, and is available for $99.99 on Amazon, Newegg, and other retailers throughout North America.

Personally, I think I will be sticking with my standard mouse and keyboard, but this would make a great device for people who have their PC’s hooked up to their television. I will say that the price does seem a little high, especially when you consider the fact that PS3 Sixaxis controllers, which have similar functionality, go for $49.99. After all, anyone who would be buying this product is likely to already own a standard mouse and keyboard, and $99.99 seems like too much to ask for a mere alternative to what they would already have. I still think it’s a good idea, however, and I wouldn’t mind having one lying around. But, like I said, I wouldn’t pay for it. What do you think?

Official Specs: cideko

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  • Anonymous

    What kind of name is “Air Keyboard Chatting”?

    Also, Logitech already makes this but a way better version.

    I have owned a gyroscopic mouse, its annoying and the small touchpad on the DiNovo is way better.

    • I know, the name is ridiculous.  it felt awkward typing it so many times lol.  not the best choice.