Another Night In Moscow 2011 Photos

1C Company was awesome enough to invite us to an event that they hold each year to show off their upcoming games. They call this event Another Night in Moscow. While attending their Another Night in Moscow 2011 event, I saw a bunch of pretty cool things that I’ll be talking about all week over here at Platform Nation. But I figured I’d start off by showing some of the pictures I took, because I’ll be using them in the upcoming articles (plus I figured it would be a nice little teaser). So anyway, enjoy the pictures, and I’m sorry for the poor lighting. Oh, and if you are wondering why there is a picture of the plate on the Russian Consulate General, that’s because that’s where the event was held, on official Russian land for one of their largest gaming developers. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures and be sure to check out Platform Nation all this week for all sorts of inside access into 1C Company’s future titles.

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