League Of Legends: Champion Leona

The popular and free to play online game League of Legends has just recently released a new Champion Spotlight for Leona, The Radiant Dawn. Leona is primarily a tank, focused on soaking damage and distracting the enemy team.

League of Legends is the product of a Warcraft 3 modification called Defense of the Ancients, or as it is better known, DOTA.
While DOTA is no longer officially maintained, the byproduct of the popular mod is now League of Legends, a fully supported and maintained follow-up to DOTA.
Take a few minutes to enjoy watching the carnage. The few Champion Spotlights I have seen don’t usually involve this many enemy player deaths during the preview, but whether this is simply Leona in the hands of an experienced player, or if this is just a prelude to her being a powerful character is yet to be seen.

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  • Umad

    League Of Legends is not the follow-up to DotA.. it’s DotA 2 and by the way, DotA is still maintained regularly 


    >LoL is DotA successor
    >DotA is no longer supported

    OP confirmed for ignorant peasant.

  • anonymous

    who says not supported??? im playing lol right now but im a former dota player…lol is not dota 2, there is dota 2 supported by valve and million of players too…research first before posting some ignorance pls.