Resistance 3 To Sport Online Pass

We’ve seen online passes before in games from THQ, Warner Bros, and EA. Soon Insomniac Games will join the list with the announcement that Resistance 3 will require a PSN Pass.

Online passes require users to enter a single-use code in order to access online features. PSN Pass codes will be included with new copies of the game, but customers buying the game used will have to purchase a pass separately.

The use of online passes is something that is relatively new, and it’s one that isn’t particularly popular amongst the gaming community, but that doesn’t seem to stop developers from jumping on the bandwagon.

How do you feel about games that require online passes? Are you more likely to buy a game new because the online pass is included? Do you put off buying used games if you know you have to spend more money on a pass to play online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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