Uncharted Film Finds a New Director

Uncharted is one of those properties… There’s been talk of a film adaptation for quite awhile now — most recently David O. Russell, director of The Fighter, was in talks to helm the big screen version — but nothing has, yet, quite come together.

Now there are murmurings of Neil Burger, the man behind The Illusionist and Limitless, taking up the reins. And, while I can’t completely endorse Burger — I vaguely remember The Illusionist and have yet to see Limitless — I’m somewhat relieved at Russell’s departure. Russell, although a fine director, wanted to take the Uncharted film in a direction that seemed very…un-Uncharted. I’m hoping that Burger will pull the film back on track and give us more of the present-day Indiana Jones I expect from an Uncharted adaptation.

Also, with the departure of Russell, it appears that Mark Wahlberg may abandon the project as well, leaving the role of Drake open once more (yay!).

How do you feel about the “change in management,” so to speak?

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