Another Night In Moscow Event Preview

Another Night in Moscow was a pretty unique event. There was alcohol, women in what some people might call uniforms that were a tad too tight (or possibly even see-through [even though not a single person/guy would complain]), and way more games than I was personally expecting to see. And of course, since 1C Company was holding the event, and since they are one of the largest Russian developers in the world, the event was held in the Russian Consulate General down in San Francisco.

Max Scoville of

After about 30 minutes of a social drinking atmosphere that was held on the first floor of the Consulate General, Tracion PR (who set up the event) invited everyone downstairs so we could hear all about 1C’s games, and from the miscellaneous sponsors of the event. It was a straight PowerPoint that we saw (you can see the pictures of the PowerPoint and several other pictures in this previous post), along with some in-game video and trailers.

Before I continue though, I have to mention the video. The game video was by far the weakest part of this event. The videos that we watched, I felt, were not exciting, pretty pixelated, and in all honesty, it just did not do these games justice. Not a single video got me excited over the games that we were here to check out. Maybe that is one of the many differences between our western developers and some other developers in other countries. The videos just felt so unpolished, and I felt that they were not capturing the best aspects of their games. If felt like we were looking at graphics that might have been playable on systems that were 5 years old (or even maybe longer). Now, when I played the games myself, I was actually impressed by the graphics that I was exposed to; the game trailers and footage, not so much. In all honesty though, I don’t know what was powering the PC’s that we were playing on.  I do know AMD was one of the sponsors of the event, so I know they had their newest and best stuff there. Anyway, I’ll just end this with the following: what I played was a whole lot better then what the trailers showed me.

With the games I played, I’ll be going more into depth later indivually over the next week. I will say, though, that 1C Company games are no joke. They know who their target markets are, and the tend to go after them. They do not dumb down their games for the casual market. Now, because of this, their games are a bitch. No joke. For someone like myself who doesn’t play too many PC games (I live in a Mac household), and for someone that was new to some of these franchises, these games were not made to be pick up and play.

I’m referring to off road racing sims that require using winches, switching to low or high gears, etc. Or flight sims that, when you go all in, you can use 5 screens to act as one, or use full fledged fight controls (IL-2 STURMOVIK: Cliffs of Dover is what I’m referring to here and it was probably one of the most enjoyable games I played at the event).

Like I said, I’ll be going more in depth into each of the games over the coming days here on Platform Nation. I did see a lot in one night, and I want to just make sure that I do these games the proper justice that they deserve.

David Tractenberg of Traction Public Relations (middle)

Before I end this, I want to give David Tractenberg from Traction Public Relations and the entire 1C Company staff a special thank you for inviting us to the event. I really appreciate it, not only for myself who was able to attend this event down in San Francisco, but for Platform Nation as well. By including us, you are helping us achieve our goal of giving our community a voice that is heard in the industry. Thank you. And for everyone else, stay tuned to Platform Nation, as I will be putting out coverage over everything I saw and played while I was attending this event.

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