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With the release of Battlefield 3 approaching where would you go to get up-to-date official information? (Other than right here at Platform Nation of course) I bet you can think of a couple:

EA.Com perhaps

What about Google?

How about Nope didn’t think of that one did you?

Currently when you go to you get redirected to The registration details are private so whether this was a Black Op (that’s a really bad pun and I apologise) by an EA employee or just some enthusiastic fanboy is unknown.

This is only one example of the Modern Warfare (okay I won’t do this gag again. At least not in this article) that the internet can bring. Look at that list again, specifically Google. THQ have purchased ad space right next to your search so search for battlefield 3 and you get this:

Forget Battlefield 3

Professor Genki’s Super Ethical
Reality Climax! Find Out More Now

I have heard you get this ad (or similar when you Google other big name games but I haven’t been able to get this myself)

Finally one last web address for you,, sadly it’s not a link to the UK version of but rather to a rather unhappy customer.

Source: CVG

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