Newly Formed 7sixty To Publish Stronghold 3

Southpeak Games has just formed a new publisher titled 7sixty. The new company, whose focus is on digital content, will publish the upcoming strategy title Stronghold 3.

SouthPeak acquired the rights to publish Stronghold 3 last year and has now put it under the new 7sixty label that will help expand the games shelf life.  Jeff Hutchinson, Vice President of Interactive Entertainment at 7sixty said, “(Stronghold 3) will have an incredibly strong presence on the shop shelf, alongside partnerships with leading digital distributors and plenty of high quality downloadable content.”

By providing ample support after its release 7sixty hopes to keep Stronghold 3 in the minds of gamers well after its release date to boost sales.

Hutchinson also said, “We want to ensure we move with the times so we’re meeting the needs of the consumer by offering excellent digital content, as well as boxed product.” Clearly SoutPpeak and 7sixty have been paying attention to developers like Valve, who have been providing  support for Team Fortress 2 for years giving it long-term sales.

The Stronghold series has sold over 5 million copies over its lifetime and Stronghold 3 is highly anticipated by PC gamers. Stronghold 3 will expand on the classic castle-building (and defending) gameplay by adding in more options for castle construction and a new procedural physics system for improved accuracy.

Stronghold 3 will be released this autumn for PC.

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