Astro A30 Silver Edition Headset Unboxing

I hate when I see something that I really want several times in the same day, many times it leads me to go out and buy what I see. These Astro A30‘s fit that case for me. First I convinced my little brother to snag a pair for himself (I’ve played with other Astro hardware in the past and I’ve always loved what I’ve seen), then over the weekend my brother actually came over to visit me and he brought his pair of A30s that he picked up to show me, and wow, I’m not going to lie, they were pretty awesome. And to top it off, Scott did this post about the new silver Astro A30’s over the weekend. That was it, I had to have them now. So I went ahead and ordered the new Silver Edition A30s over the weekend and they showed up on my door today. Here are my pictures of the unboxing that I took; I hope you enjoy them and I have to give Astro some credit here for once again doing a great job packaging their products in such a stylish way.

For those that are interested, these work great with my iPhone; I’ve already been playing with them. They also work with PCs, Macs, and all consoles and handheld game machines. You can see in the pictures which cords they come with. Next I need to see about getting some custom Platform Nation tags to get made so I can sport our logo on these great looking headphones.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh man, I have seen those everywhere too. However, I’m waiting for the Official PlayStation Headphones, I’m one of those people that has to have the branded version, and me being a PlayStation nut I need them XD