• Good investigative piece! Yet another reason not to use Origin 

  • Vincent and others, EA has come to me about this post and wanted to inform me that their legal department made them put that in the TOS.  Word was also past to me that “rest assured 100% we will never delete paid content”

    • Anonymous

      Im glad EA reached out to us. Great to hear this is just legal mumbojumbo because this was really turning me off from Origin.

      • Legal mumbo jumbo is still legal mumbo jumbo.  EA could *still* delete paid content and, no matter what they had said before, it is that legal clause that would support their actions.  EA should know better then to say something that they don’t mean.

        • Anonymous

          Leia, yes they entirely could still delete content. However they contacted
          us to say this is not their intention. Its still possible to do it but it
          would be bad publicity to go back on their word.

          • I agree it would look very badly if they did go back on their word, but that doesn’t change the fact that the legal speak is there.  Their legal people would not have told EA to put the wording there if it did not serve a purpose.  Call me cautious if you want or even paranoid.  I’m okay with that.  I will continue to have questions about the whole thing, however, until actions are actually put in place that support what EA contacted you to share.  For everyone’s sake I do hope that EA sticks to its word.

          • Anonymous

            So do I. Deleting games isnt good for us or for EA.

  • Origin is MUCH better than EADM Danny. I like it because they make it so much easier to use. I have 3 PC’s all of them can now have ALL my games on them. I look forward to a new version (since this is still a beta) that would have the friend list as a separate menu like Steam does. I would like EA to delete a Japanese SPORE game they put on my games list. IDK why they did.

  • sup

    And EA are complaining that people are downloading their games illegally?

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  • Ellthan

    It’s like they are trying to turn users off on purpose.

  • Buttfinger

    I would love to see an update on this article, like where the stance is now, if anything has changed, ect.