Xbox 360 Update Scheduled For July 19th

Just a quick heads up Platform Nation community. When you fire up your Xbox 360 tomorrow you will be prompted to accept a mandatory update (when you sign into Xbox LIVE). You will not see a noticeable change as this update is for additional enhancements heading our way later this year. Sounds like this is going to be a quick update so you should be playing your favorite game tomorrow in no time.

There are no new features that will show up once your system has been updated.

This update is preparation for additional system enhancements coming to Xbox 360 later this year.

Source: Major Nelson

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  • Poopsquat

    it is absolutely NOT a fast update..been dl ing for bout half hour now..maybe my internet just sucks..idk

    • Robl1502

      Mine took 2 minutes ūüôā

      • i have been updating mine for one minute. and im already about done. : )

  • Steph

    Took about 5 mins for me. I hate how they never tell you what these updates are for, if PS3 can do it I’m sure Xbox can. Shouldn’t have to search the web to find out.

  • Vilhaim

    Damn update knocked me offline when I was 45-3 in Black Ops!! Bunch of BS!

    • Roflcat

      bullshit, you were probably like 6-20

  • Xlazeruzx

    Was playing my yu gi oh game about to pull out exhodia and then that shit happens..damn update

  • Allan

    WOW so dumb! this update was so pointless, and i got kicked from my black ops game! it took about 8mins for mine to be installed!!! 

  • Honeybucket124

    Any info on what the system echancements are gonna be?

  • 4wd2m3

    Yup. Not a fast update at all.. kicked me out of FNV:OWB’s just hope autosave caught me!

  • Jsrendle

    mine been updating 4 bout 2 hours nd still doing now i hate xbox now bring on da ps3

    • Andrewsmith_4

      I own both systems and the ps3 is way worse about updates with system updates and game updates they take much longer on the ps3

  • Toasty Cracka

    Your update speed depends on your internet connection.¬† My update took 2 minutes. Don’t blame xbox for the long update times.

  • Zobieslayer

    Whats supposed to be coming this year?

  • Mehdad

    wow that mean youtube gonna come this fall 

  • Carverko

    Took me less than 2 minutes. If mine can do that…then theproblem is with your connection, not XBL. SORRYZ.

  • Jeromeross16

    my update took bout 2 min on wifi

  • KorMach

    my connection sucks it is not even half done and its been about 5-7 minutes