Second Pack Of Titles Released For NEOGEO Station For The PlayStation 3


Today SNK Playmore has released a series of new titles for “NEOGEO Station”, software for the PS3 and PSP that allows you to download and play a ever-expanding collection of NEOGEO software, including games that have never been imported in America before.



Two new titles have been added and both are available now. Both The King of Fighters 95 and Baseball Stars 2 are out and are $8.99 for the PS3 and $6.99 for the PSP. This brings the total amount of titles available to 12. SNK Playmore will continue to release more popular post-1990 NEOGEO titles for NEOGEO Station. You can find the latest news and information on released and upcoming games at their official website.

NEOGEO Station provides exceptional emulation of NEOGEO titles and supports online play and NEOGEO memory card emulation. Many other features that were not previously available for these games have been added, including save states, button reconfiguration, the option to save replay data, in game manuals, and much more.

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