A Simple Question: Pre-Order Bonuses

So I placed my pre-order for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim this weekend, using up the last of some Best Buy giftcards I had lying around.  I would have done it sooner, but I kept waiting to see if the Bethesda would be offering Pre-Order bonuses for certain retailers, as has been the case with many other large game releases over the last couple of years.  Settling in for my cloth map, which I will happily take, I know I would have probably pre-ordered Skyrim even without getting anything in addition.  However, for the most part I am waiting longer to buy games, often 6 months or more, simply because I know the price will drop on many titles (I wish I had applied this logic to Rock Band 3 which, while I love, I was sad to see drop to $20 so soon after release – I paid full price the day it released).  It made me wonder:

Have bonuses that come with some pre-orders (DLC, cloth maps) ever been the main reason you pre-order instead of waiting for the release date?  

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Keep in mind that I’m looking for whether your pre-order was PRIMARILY because of bonus offers.  It wasn’t securing your copy for release, or trying to avoid lines; it was for the bonuses.  Would you really have pre-ordered LA Noire if it wasn’t for the DLC offered? Free songs for Rock band 3 make you pull the trigger sooner?  I’d be curious to know what you’re best (and worst) pre-order decision was.  I know Rock Band 3 would be my worst (3 songs that were later released as DLC wasn’t worth the $40 I ended up overpaying).  My best pre-order bonus might be Red Faction: Armageddon for Onlive, in which I picked up Red Faction: Guerrilla and an Onlive Microconsole for free with the pre-order.

No responses this week on Twitter – I suppose this one needed a little more explanation than 140 characters offered.

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  • Jeremy

    No, I don’t buy games because of pre-order bonuses. But if I know I’m going to pre-order a game or buy it close to launch anyway (EXTREMELY rarely), then I look at all the different options.

  • Anonymous

    Depending on the game I will pre order the Special Edition. Infamous 2 Hero Edition was one of the Specials that I was super excited because it had the replica long pack, and the amazing statue. I was gonna pre order Saints Row The Third Platinum Edition but honestly I don’t see myself using those auto tune headphones, especially since they don’t work with a ps3.

  • I don’t pre-order because of bonuses. I honestly don’t pre-order that many games in the first place. It’s ludicrous to pay $60+ for a game when it will be $40 or less within a month. I can easily wait for “most” games to drop in price before buying. The only time I bother is if it’s either a) one of my favs that I simply can not wait for (Mass Effect 3!) or it has a strong online aspect to it (Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, etc…) that I don’t want to miss out on.

  • In all honesty, unless it’s for a special edition of sorts (see MvC3 and the need to pre-order months in advance) most games really don’t need to be pre-ordered at all these days. Retailers know how to stock on most titles these days and should they happen to run out on day 1, it will only be a day or 2 before re-stock. To answer the question, I do most of my pre-ordering on Amazon these days, not only do they have a release date guarantee, but to me to most important pre-order bonus.. cheaper prices! Starting retail price may only be $5 less than most retailers but they do also give you pre-order bonus’s towards your next pre-order. When pre-ordering Fallout NV Special Edition, I got $15 credit towards my next pre-order, which in this case went to Crysis 2 (spending a total of $40 for it on release day, $54.99 retail minus the credit given). Needless to say once Crysis was pre-ordered they gave me another pre-order credit that went to Deus Ex. All in all it’s a great way for a company to get repeat business and also appease the customer’s need to feel they have been given a great deal.

  • Luis Burgos

    If you know about Atlus, you know that Pre-order its great. Like Catherine, Persona 4, Devil Summoner 2, etc…

  • Anonymous

    Thankfully the whole trend of understocking games is over now, so the only real reason to preorder is to get the bonuses. The way Gamestop handles lines means youll be stuck doing that anyway, and BestBuy is usually slow to stock titles except for the major releases.

    I usually do online orders and just pay extra for fast shipping. I usually try to wait to get a game when its cheaper, but if its a title im really waiting for i will preorder, and usually its just to get the bonuses since I know ill be buying it anyway.

  • Appreciate the comments, gang. Any thoughts on your best/worst pre-order purchases?