Freddy Krueger Headed To Mortal Kombat

Freddy Krueger’s effectively immortal, isn’t he? The master of the dreamscape, Freddy enters the nightmares of his victims. In these nightmares, when you died, you died in real life. He’s been the villain and star of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, and only ever fought Jason from Friday the 13th. Okay, yes, he also fought Ash in an Evil Dead comic book crossover.

Being the August 9th DLC character for Mortal Kombat, Freddy’s now traveling from the world of nightmares to the world of Outworld. As Warner Bros. owns the Freddy movies, it’s not too surprising, but it does come as a surprise. No word if Robert Englund reprises his role vocally, but it sure sounds like him. Naturally, he’ll be the fourth mystery warrior bundled with the Season Pass.

Does Krueger’s inclusion give you nightmares?


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  • Anonymous

    Finally a worth crossover character

  • Coltknows

    Robert Englund? No, actually, the look and sound is Jackie Earl Haley’s 2010 portrayal of Freddy. That said, I’m SLIGHTLY disappointed it isn’t one of the background/rumored characters of old MK, but if Kratos was any indication, I can’t wait!