Poison Headlines Four New Challengers In “Street Fighter X Tekken”

Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3 may be on it’s way, but that doesn’t mean Capcom’s going to rest the VS. concept for a while. Street Fighter X Tekken, the Capcom-produced fighter against Namco’s crew of characters, has announced four new fighters today. Dhalsim, Steve Fox, Poison, and Yoshimitsu will all be joining the fighter. Two fighters from Capcom and two from Namco, although Poison’s more known for her Final Fight days. Yoshimitsu, on the other hand, spends time in the Soul Calibur universe.

Poison is likely the most notable of the four new warriors, taking a rare step into actually fighting in a game. She also gained notoriety over the years for being of indeterminate gender. Dhalsim made his first appearance in Street Fighter II. Yoshimitsu first appeared in the original Tekken. Steve Fox first arrived in Tekken 4.

Are you going to play with Poison?

Via Kotaku

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