Free Game Friday: Street Rod 2

Welcome back to Free Game Friday, your weekly source for quality gaming entertainment that’s worth 10 times the price. We’re dusting off the Way-back machine once more for a game straight out of my childhood, Street Rod 2 by California Dreams!

It’s the summer of ’69, you’re a red-blooded American teen, and you just bought his first car! Mind you, she’s a real junker, but with some hard work, scraped knuckles, and elbow grease she’ll be fast enough to win your next ride. That’s right, in Street Rod 2, you’re racing for pink slips! Buy parts from the classifieds, build your car from the wheels up, paint your car in one of 16 ugly-ass colors, and race for your life! Just like our previous blast from the past, Daggerfall, Street Rod 2 requires some DosBox lovin’. Or, if you’d rather live IN THE FUTURE you can play it right from your browser at Free Game Empire.

What do you think of this week’s Free Game Friday? Do you like it? Loathe it? Do you have a suggestion for next week’s free game? Tell us in the forums!

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