Men of War: Assault Squad Skirmish DLC Released

Men of War: Assault Squad has received its second set of DLC, the Skirmish Pack, which brings 5 new skirmish missions to the game. These skirmish missions are playable in single player or with up to 8 players in online co-op. Unlike the current skirmish missions that are already in the game, these new missions offer completely new objectives. Instead of being on the offensive, these new missions puts you on the defensive trying to survive aganist waves of enemies.

There is one new mission for each of the factions, the US, British, Japanese, German, and Soviet forces. Each mission tasks you with defending a collection of strategic points and hold out against enemy forces until you can launch a counterattack. The missions are designed to be replayable many many times, as the enemy AI will attack from different positions and with different units each time. The units and tactics of the enemy will also change as you increase the difficulty.

The Skirmish Pack is available now on Steam for $4.99.

The Skirmish Pack was recently detailed at 1C’s Another Night In Moscow event. Also released for Men of War: Assault Squad is Patch #5 which brings some bug fixes, multiplayer changes, and improved models for certain weapons and objects.


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