The Age Of The 2 Second Attention Span

I came across an interesting story today titled, “Wow, so, a Ton of People are Suing Sony,” headlined with this picture:

The article explains Sony’s latest legal woes stemming from the now-infamous security breach. There are 55 class-action lawsuits and counting; Sony estimates the explicit cost of the attack to reach $200 million.

After reading the intellectually stimulating piece, I scrolled down to see how others’ are reacting to this news. The first comment–”Thanks. Now I’m craving pancakes. Ugh.” 

What? Did you even read the article? Correction–can you read? The next three comments:

 “Oh, you’re not the only one. Mmm. Butter and syrup.”

“Mmm butler and syrup… I MEAN BUTTER!”


 At this point, things really start going downhill. Pictures begin to replace words:


The comments thread culminates in someone posting a page-long recipe for Terang Bulan (some sort of pancake native to Indonesia) and the Grand Prize Winner of the pancake pictures:


33 comments later, I can’t even remember what the f*** I am doing here and I realized I’ll never get those three minutes of my life back. I can now see what developers are dealing with when trying to make a game that will capture the attention of a 30-year old first grader.

Now, back to my Call of Duty… 

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